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Continent crossing

Posted 26 January 2008 - Bratislava (SK):

Hectic times! I arrived in Vienna this morning at 06h00 after taking off from Larnaca at 03h40. From there, I took a bus to Bratislava. I was invited to stay with Barbora and Anastazia, the two sisters I met first in Klaipeda (LT) then in Riga (LV). Barbora and Anastazia`s boyfriend Marian were waiting for me at the bus station. We walked around Bratislava`s Old Town and then to Barbora and Anastazia`s place outside the city. Their mother cooked a few wonderful things and we walked around the village for a bit. In the evening, I tried to catch up with my articles but could`t help falling asleep every now and then. Altogether, a long but nice day. Off to Rome tomorrow, Hocus di Pocus ;)

( Bratislava - SK, January 2008)
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