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How 20 people got hung last night:

Posted 2 September 2006 - The Hague (NL):

For those who want to visit the exhibition in the Central City Library of The Hague, it's on the first floor. Opening last night was a bit hectic but fun - thanks everybody for coming! I'll make sure we have some more time available during the next exhibition. Here's a preview of the first half (other half is on an adjacent wall):

(© September 2006)
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Gone for the week:

Posted 3 September 2006 - The Hague (NL):

If anybody's looking for me this week, try Ireland... I hope to return with some pretty photos, all shot in the wonderful analogue way.

(© Adare - IE, July 2003)
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Crossing Ireland

Posted 5 September 2006 - Westport (IRL):

I've been cruising Ireland in a small car, trying to match the target speed on the very narrow roads. It's been fun trying to find the way from Dublin to the west coast.

(© Middle of Ireland - IE, 4 September 2006)
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Where were you?

Posted 11 September 2006 - The Hague (NL):

Question of the day: Where were you (.. when it all happened / when the second tower got hit / when the first tower collapsed ..)? I was at work in Rotterdam at the European Office of the State of Maryland, in Rotterdam WTC building. We had a day off on Sept 12, because of fear that our representative office would also be targeted by anti-American actions, following the Twin Tower attacks.

Btw: good opportunity to remind you of the Na dato series and ask the same question..

(© Rotterdam - NL, March 2002)
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Posted 12 September 2006 - The Hague (NL):

Tonight in Metropolitan The Hague: the premičre of Zwartboek, of which you have already been able to enjoy some previews at PhotoLogiX (Archives, 21 September 2005). First public broadcast: 14 September. The photo below shows film-director Paul Verhoeven talking to his crew members.

(© The Hague - NL, September 2005)
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Inclined & Tilted Guinness

Posted 13 September 2006 - The Hague (NL):

First photos from Ireland are ready. Here's already some Guinness-and-pub ones. You may notice that the photos I have taken are all a bit inclined and/or tilted - not on purpose, maybe because of that exact same Guinness..

(© Throughout Ireland - IE, September 2006)
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Ireland photos online!

Posted 14 September 2006 - The Hague (NL):

More photos from the rough Irish countryside: "Sláinte - Ireland Views 2006" is now online! I still have some colour photos on roll, but for those it may take a while before I have them processed.

(© Costelloe - IE, September 2006)
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Camera anniversary

Posted 15 September 2006 - The Hague (NL):

Today is the first anniversary of my Fuji S3-Pro digital camera. Ot has been performing decently, especially for commercial work. Still, I take my traditional SLR camera whenever possible, just because it's more fun and I'd even say: more photography. Foto below was taken with a traditional Nikon F80:

(© Rotterdam - NL, June 2006)
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Wanted: heroes!

Posted 19 September 2006 - The Hague (NL):

A new PhotoLogiX project has started! I am looking for heroes to take photos of. Not the kind of hero that is far away, maybe an artist or a political leader. Just random people who are heroes for the things they do, have done or how they face their lives? Ordinary people who succeeded to make a real difference.

Do you know anybody who you think is a hero? Let me know why you think that person qualifies for heroeship!

(© The Hague - NL, July 2006)
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Cannonballers are GO!

Posted 20 September 2006 - The Hague (NL):

Barely half a year after the first edition of our Cannonball race at work, we're having another one halfway October. The last one led us racing through Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg and France. What will it be this time? Will certainly let you know by then!

(© Walibi Flevo - NL, July 2006)
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Above and Along the Liffey River

Posted 24 September 2006 - The Hague (NL):

Dublin (Irish: Baile Átha Cliath - The Town of the Ford of the Reed Hurdles) is the capital and the largest city of the Republic of Ireland. At least half the people in the streets seem to be Polish these days. Unlike the UK, Ireland is warmly welcoming their fellow Europeans from the East. This may have to something to do with historical similarities between Ireland and Poland. Both have been suppressed by their neighbours for a long time (Ireland by UK, Poland by Germany and Russia) and both have successfully managed to integrate into foreign cultures (Irish mainly in the United States, now Poles in Ireland..)

Anyway, below photos were shot from above/along the River Liffey, which runs through the very centre of the city. It was no surprise to see so many pubs all scattered over the city, it WAS a surprise to see a whole cloud of swimmers rush through the river.

(© Dublin - IE, September 2006)
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Leprechauns & Shamrocks

Posted 25 September 2006 - The Hague (NL):

Before this trip to Ireland, I was unaware of the Leprechaun phenomenon. It seems to be a quite well-known story so for all the ignorant people along with me, here's a short explanation.

A Leprechaun (Modern Irish: leipreachán) is a type of male faerie said to inhabit the island of Ireland. They are a class of "faerie folk" said to have inhabited Ireland before the arrival of the Celts. Leprechauns usually take the form of old men who enjoy partaking in mischief. Their trade is that of a cobbler or shoemaker. They are said to be very rich, having many treasure crocks buried during war-time. According to legend, if anyone keeps an eye fixed upon one, he cannot escape, but the moment the eye is withdrawn he vanishes.

Some more Ireland: if you like the Irish accent, listen to this local radio station or have a look at this poem:

For each petal on the shamrock
This brings a wish your way
good health, good luck and happiness
for today and everyday

(© Dublin - IE, September 2006)
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Bulgaria & Romania = 26 + 27

Posted 27 September 2006 - Brussels (BE):

Romania yesterday received the final OK from Brussels to join the European Union on January 1st 2007. My personal experiences in Romania have not always been positive. When taking this photo, I got 'arrested' by the self-proclaimed site managers, some 5 lads who didn't look to friendly and were after my camera and film.

I first sneaked my (by then full) film out of my camera, then negotiated a bit with them for fifteen minutes about whether or not they would warn their dedicated police force. Then a passing taxi caught my eye, I ran off and jumped in, left the guys puzzled. Other incidents (2002 - 2005) include being chased by stray dogs and lime sniffers, having to go to a local hospital and getting quite scared, bribing and being bribed by railway officials, meeting youngsters who had been out to Western Europe on pickpocketing missions... Everyday experiences that show that Romania clearly has a long way to go.

Same story for Bulgaria, although only visited that country once and for no longer than 2 days. Didn't experience too much trouble over there, but the standard of living is similar.

(© Bucharest - RO, October 2005)
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Posted 29 September 2006 - The Hague (NL):

I cycled to work again this morning, a very good start of the day. Good to see the sun rise and experience the start of the new day without being distracted by a whole bunch of random things.

(© Nieuw Vennep - NL, 29 September 2006)
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Actividades fotográficas

Posted 30 September 2006 - The Hague (NL):

Photo missions of the day:
1) Collecting the photos from my exhibition. For those who haven't had a chance to visit, all photos will be online tomorrow!
2) Photoshoot of 4Some - one photo displayed below!

(© The Hague - NL, 30 September 2006)
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