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Silent countryside

Posted 12 December 2007 - Wiltz (LU):

I`m in Wiltz today, and there`s not much happening here but that`s OK. Bad thing: lost my notebook with notes dating back as long as Portugal. Haven`t been able to find it. Well.. anyway, I was quite up to datum with the reports so bought a new notebook and decided not to feel too sorry about the other one.

( Wiltz - LU, December 2007)
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On Luxembourgish TV

Posted 11 December 2007 - Luxembourg (LU):

I`m still in Luxembourg and used most of today to walk around the Plateau de Kirchberg, the financial and political part of Luxembourg. Below photo is a view from the bridge connecting it with the main city. Despite a rather hesitant start, it ended up being a really nice day, with a TV interview and lots of nice words from people working for the European Commission. Hopefully, it will lead to an exhibition of my Us Europeans portraits upon completion of the project. At least met some people with whom it`s certainly worth staying in touch.

( Luxembourg - LU, December 2007)
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Du Luxe

Posted 10 December 2007 - Luxembourg (LU):

Luxembourg is cool! People speak tons of languages so you can almost choose in which language to address them! Luxembourgish is a little difficult but it resembles Dutch so I can at least sort of figure out what people talk about. It`s also very European, with lots of people from everywhere. It makes me feel at home, just like talking to people in Santiago strengthened my idea that whatever I am doing is quite interesting. I will stay around for two more days in the country, then head for Belgium. I will try to keep up with the writing, have been a bit slow, sorry about that. Apart from that, the days are depressingly short, can`t wait for them to get back to reasonable proportions.

Here`s another photo for the crossroad series:

( Luxembourg - LU, December 2007)
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( Luxemburg - LU)
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