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Closer view

Posted 15 November 2008 - The Hague (NL):

And here`s a closer view on the same setting, along with the program for next week:

Next week: Sanne`s birthday on Monday 17 Nov, Martin`s birthday on Tue 18, my own on Wed 19. To Paris on Thu 20 to attend the Euro Barometer event and get to speak to Ms Margot Wallstrom on Friday and Saturday.

Then onwards to visit my cousin near Lisieux on Sun, then to London on Mon and back home on Tuesday. I hope to meet up with some friends along the way.

( The Hague (NL) - November 2008)
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Marchons, marchons!

Posted 18 June 2007 - Glasgow (UK):

Here's one of the pictures I shot during the Sunday morning hike with Siri's and Marthe's dads. It was precisely what you call cross country, just straight across everything, fully using and enjoying the Allemannsretten. Lots of wet grass, trees, rocks, mud and everything - very exciting altogether!

( Svinndal - NO, June 2007)
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Discovering Norway

Posted 17 June 2007 - Svinndal (NO):

We're still in Svinndal, Norway and this morning I went for a hike in the forest with Siri's father and Marte's father - Marthe being Siri's travel mate from 2002 and we're meeting up with her tomorrow in Oslo. We went off track, through the green and over the rocks. It's the first day we have real rain, but the weather was just perfect for this walk.

Yesterday, I first cycled to the nearby lake with Siri and took the photo below. Then the four of us (Bas, Mladen, Siri and me) want to Fredrikstad to see the old and the new city. In the evening, we (this time: Bas, Siri's brother and me) went swimming in the lake, and all the nature around here is just so nice: fresh air smelling of wood and grass, fresh water and even the tap water is noticeably nice. Altogether, having a wonderful time here. Tomorrow, I'm flying to Scotland to see what life is like on that side of the sea. And I'll post a photo of this morning's hike.

( Svinndall - NO, June 2007)
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Posted 13 January 2006 - The Hague (NL):

Writers of the Bible were well ahead of their time. Noah's idea to escape the Great Flood by collecting all kinds of animals is going to get sort-of copied by the Norwegian state. They plan to collect two million different seed types and ship them to a giant 'doomsday vault' on Spitsbergen, near the North Pole.

( Oslo - NO, December 2004)
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Posted 15 December 2005 - The Hague (NL):

My good friend Opel C. is back in business! I went to the garage yesterday evening to pick it up and was surprised how happy I was driving it again. I realised that so far it has never let me down and proved much more reliable than I could have expected when I bought it from Freek's sister the day following his birthday, now almost two years ago.

Apart from the car business, Christmas is approaching at high speed. Shop windows fill up with gold, red green and people are getting anxious to spend money on impressive Christmas presents. Christmas is celebrated in many different ways throughout Europe. This website lists a number of countries.

Since Holland is not included, I will briefly describe how we celebrate Christmas. Historically, our two Christmas days were only celebrated as a religious event. People used to have dinner with their families and commercial influences were still limited. Sinterklaas, a saint from Spain arrives shortly before Christmas (typically mid-November) and rewards the nice children with presents on 5 December. Nowadays, American Santa is taking over this role and Christmas is changing into a major commercial event. People still have dinner with their families but presents increasingly play a role in the celebrations. Most families have a Christmas tree (I don't, by the way) and widely display the Christmas cards they received from friends, family and acquaintances. Companies hand out "Christmas packages" to employees while the latter most of the time complain about the impractical gifts inside the package. Photos below: preparing for Christmas in London's Regent's Street and Oslo's Karl Johanns Gata (December 2004).

( London - UK / Oslo - NO, December 2004)
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