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Polder View

Posted 2 October 2005 - The Hague (NL):

Saturday night in the polder..

(© Maasluis - NL, October 2005)
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Central Europe?

Posted 3 October 2005 - The Hague (NL):

It is funny how some places do not seem to belong where they are. You may suspect this photo to be taken somewhere on the Romanian countryside, but this is very close to the centre of a Dutch city called Zwijndrecht. If I ever get the chance, I would like to make a whole pile of places like this. Rainforests in the Netherlands, deserts in Poland, ultra-modern industry in Bulgaria and stalinist architecture in the United States...

The coming week is going to be quite busy, starting off with a two-day trip to Zürich (Switzerland) and the opening of the exhibition 'La Vida Local' in The Hague on Wednesday (see earlier postings).

(© Dordrecht - NL, October 2005)
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Opening Expo

Posted 6 October 2005 - The Hague (NL):

The opening of the mixed exhibition last night at Combi Focus was very enjoyable! Many people took the time to come by and have a look. This will be the last time for the Vida Local selection to be exhibited, since most people have seen all the images by now. Next exhibition (February 2006) will be completely different from this one.

Sinon, quoi de neuf? The weekend will be busy with photography. On Saturday, the next session of the 'Break Free' series will take place in Rotterdam. In the evening, there I have been asked to make a photographic impression of a company party in Zoetermeer. Then also ahead: ROME! Just over two weeks more to go. And two weeks after that PARIS! Good times are on the way!

(© The Hague - NL, October 2006)
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Run Forest, Run

Posted 6 October 2005 - The Hague (NL):

Just a quick impression of the usual end of my working days..

(© Hoofddorp - NL, October 2005)
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F09 @ Hoofddorp CS

Posted 7 October 2005 - The Hague (NL):

Another view from Hoofddorp Central Station. Very foggy and not very exciting. If you want to see something more exciting than this, please visit my current exhibition, or take a look at the latest PhotoLogiX subpage for organised photo travels!

(© Hoofddorp - NL, October 2005)
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Break - Dance

Posted 8 October 2005 - The Hague (NL):

Another photoshoot! The photo below was shot during a demonstration of Kroepoek, a Dutch group of break dancers. They cheered up a party celebrating the merger of two regional hospitals.

(© Zoetermeer - NL, October 2005)
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North Sea

Posted 9 October 2005 - The Hague (NL):

View on the North Sea:

(© The Hague - NL, October 2005)
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Mobile Unity

Posted 14 October 2005 - The Hague (NL):

The Dutch parliament building in The Hague (Binnenhof) has been surrounded by military police. What is happening is not entirely clear but a terrorist organisation seems to have planned an attack on politicians. Seven suspects have been arrested throughout the country. (photo: 24 September 2005)

(© The Hague - NL, September 2005)
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Joint Exhibition

Posted 15 October 2005 - The Hague (NL):

Rome is coming closer. Seven days to go and counting...

A regional newspaper in The Hague dedicated an article/interview to the opening of the shared exhibition at Focus Expo:

(© Newspaper)
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I AMsterdam

Posted 16 October 2005 - The Hague (NL):

Amsterdam recently initiated a marketing campaign using the slogan "I AMsterdam". The letters to this phrase have been put down in front of the Rijksmuseum. They attract a lot of visitors, who treat these 'magic' letters like as if they composed the word H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D, somewhere in the U.S...

(© Amsterdam - NL, Octover 2005)
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Photo Festival

Posted 17 October 2005 - The Hague (NL):

Sunday brought a small excursion to the city of Breda, where the annual Breda Photo Festival is taking place. We had a hard time finding the entrance to the event, but did find some interesting architecture on the way..

(© Breda - NL, October 2005)
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PhotoLogiX goes Canvas

Posted 18 October 2005 - The Hague (NL):

Nine of my photos are now for sale at The selected images are available for printing on professional canvas, with prices starting around EUR 150 for a 40x60cm print. More photos may be added on the short term. If you have particular interest in any other photo which is (or used to be) published on this site, please send an e-mail to

I thought Rome was going to be the first upcoming trip, but Zurich (CH) has been added to the list. Mark and I will be travelling there (and back) tomorrow to have some good discussions with a local company.

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Posted 19 October 2005 - Zurich (CH):

Quick updatum from Zurich (CH). Everything is going fine here and the discussions are running smoothly. We will be on the plane back within 3 hours from now, so it has really been a Blitzvisit.

I had the opportunity of snapshotting another well-known Dutch person. This time it's Brainpower, who was doing a rap performance in front of Leiden Central Station. It's not a very special picture in itself, but it's always nice to see people act in a natural way, not knowing that they are being photographed.

(© Leiden - NL, October 2005)
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Posted 20 October 2005 - The Hague (NL):

Another publication, this time on the website of VPRO's 3voor12! Photos were shot last Tuesday and the guy in the picture is Jean Midde. Apart from musician, he's also my housemate. Check out his website!

(© 3voor12)
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Heading for Rome

Posted 23 October 2005 - The Hague (NL):

We are leaving for Rome today! Everything has been packed and we expect to depart from Brussels South Airport around 6. I'm not taking my new digital camera with me: just the old Nikon F80 and my small digital Olympus. I will try to write regular updatums, but this depends on the availability of internet over there.

(© London Stansted - UK, December 2004)
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Meeting up with Nicky

Posted 25 October 2005 - Rome (IT):

Rome is great!! Many people told me that before we left and I can now say I fully agree.

It all started on Sunday with us trying to get to Charleroi Aiport by train. We both had two tickets which allowed us free travelling in Holland. But then I had to loudly accuse the railways' service assistant of having been involved in activities of the prostitutional kind, before finding out that the complete train service to Brussels had been cancelled. We took the tram back home, gave the free tickets away (they were only valid until Oct 30), jumped in the car and speeded to Belgium. Those damned national railways and their staff....

We did arrive at the airport in time and the flight went well. Once in Rome, we only just managed to get the last metro to the hotel, where we arrived by 10 o'clock. We had dinner, prepared for the next day and went to sleep.

Yesterday, we started off with a visit to the Forum Romanum, which consisted of a lot of buildings that were no longer recognisable as such. Japanese and others were walking over each other with digital cameras, photophones and other interesting hi-tech equipment. It didn't keep us from shooting some nice photos there. During the rest of the day, we walked along Piazza Venezia, the other side of the river and the Colosseum. In the evening, we met up with Nicky and her boyfriend Fabio. They took us to two nice places, where we first had an aperitive followed by a very tasteful Italian dinner. It was nice seeing Nicky again, the last (and only) time I met her was in Romania (Sighisoara) where she was staying in the same hotel as Bas, Matthijs and I did.

Today, we got up with some left-over fatigue from all the eating and drinking of yesterday. We walked through the narrow streets around the Pantheon to finally get to Saint Peter's Cathedral. We didn't enter it (will do so later on) and walked onwards along the Spanish steps and the shopping area surrounding them.

Our extensive walking trips yielded 120 photos so far, all in black and white. The plan for tomorrow is to get up early and see Rome get to work, then take a rest and by the time it gets dark, to take some scenic night photos. Once I get home, I'll make sure that the nicest images get uploaded really quickly!

(© Rome - IT, October 2005)
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Posted 27 October 2005 - Rome (IT):

Rome is still as entertaining as it was two days ago. Nevertheless, we are taking a short break tomorrow to also see some of Florence. We will get up very early in the morning because I need to get a photo of the Spanish steps without any people, so the only possible way seems to give it a try before sunrise. Shortly after, we will take the Pendolino (very exciting) to Florence and get back in the evening. On Saturday we will check out the remaining sites in Rome and we'll fly back out again on Sunday. That's all for now, stay tuned to see the photos once they arrive!

(© Rome - IT, October 2005)
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Bridge of Sighs

Posted 28 October 2005 - Florence (IT):

Another city has been added to the Italian list of 'been there, done that'. It's Florence and although it couldn't be as impressive as Rome, it was still worth the three-hour trip. We will take the train back to Rome in half an hour and spend tomorrow doing some site-seeing near the Campo di Fiori and the Trastevere city quarter. The return flight is on Sunday, around 10. We will probably take the rest of the day to get back home. Work waits again on Monday.

(© Florence - IT, October 2005)
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Speedy Gonzalez

Posted 30 October 2005 - The Hague (NL):

We safely returned from Rome. Altogether, the trip was very enjoyable: more so than the arrival at Charleroi Airport, where I found both my tripod broken and my car broken INTO. Since we left hardly anything in the car, there was nothing to steal but one of my Sesame Street CDs. Not so much worry for the stolen item(s), but my stearing wheel is not working properly anymore and that's more of a problem. Somebody probably tried to steal the whole car, managed to unlock the stearing wheel simply by breaking it but then couldn't get the engine started. Anyway, I can think of nicer surprises.

New photos should arrive tomorrow, fresh pictures from Rome hopefully on Tuesday.

(© Rome - IT, October 2005)
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Posted 31 October 2005 - The Hague (NL):

Most of Europe saw Daylight Saving Time (Dutch: "summer time") end yesterday early in the morning. Which by the way gave us one extra hour to pack our backs for the return flight from Rome. I always find the time change a complicated phenomenon. An hour back in time means getting up one hour later while it gets dark earlier. And so on. I can only remember by thinking of the time when I was working in the glass houses (cutting flowers) and how it got light one hour earlier sometime near November. Nevertheless, I always get very confused where time zones, GMT, DST and UTC are involved. Read some more on this topic in a very extensive article from Wikipedia on the Daylight Saving Time. (Photo: Paris, Porte de Bagnolet / April 2004).

(© Paris - FR, April 2004)
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