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Athens Larissa Station

Posted 2 March 2008 - Thessaloniki (GR):

This is what Athens looked like when I left it yesterday to exchange it for Thessaloniki. A long but very nice train ride. Unfortunately, I slept most of it away.

(© Athens - GR, March 2008)
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Colourful islands

Posted 1 March 2008 - Athens (GR):

More of Egina, this is the harbour:

(© Egina - GR, February 2008)
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Leap years and Leap days

Posted 29 February 2008 - Egina (GR):

Ha! Some people would maybe not have expected it but I did skip one day of writing for Us Europeans. Let`s say I took a leap day on the 29th of February :)

Photo: cross-road on Egina island.

(© Egina - GR, February 2008)
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Posted 28 February 2008 - Hydra (GR):

Catching up, catching up.. These are the famous donkeys from Hydra, the island that has no cars.

(© Hydra - GR, February 2008)
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Open skies

Posted 27 February 2008 - Hydra (GR):

Last night`s sunset on the dead loss island (see yesterday`s posting) of Hydra, two hours south of Athens.

(© Hydra - GR, February 2008)
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Off the beaten track

Posted 26 February 2008 - Hydra (GR):

`Heading for the Greek islands in winter is pretty much a dead loss` - that`s what I read in the Lonely Planet. True, it`s rather quiet out here, but equally pleasant and relaxing. Close to 20 degrees and sunny. I`m happy that I don`t have to listen to any guide books! It won`t be a popular guidebook that takes you `off the beaten track`, like they all promise. The paradox is interesting though.

(© Hydra - GR, February 2008)
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Sunny Athens

Posted 24 February 2008 - Athens (GR):

Sanne arrived last night and we used today to explore Athens a little more. This is one of the buildings at the Akropolis hill.

(© Athens - GR, February 2008)
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Athinai Metropolis

Posted 22 February 2008 - Athens (GR):

I arrived in Athens today. Big city: it seems to be everywhere and I still have to find my way.

(© Athens - GR, February 2008)
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EU and Media support

Posted 21 February 2008 - Patras (GR):

Today is my last day in Patras. Tomorrow, I will leave for Athens on a long and hopefully beautiful train ride. I am on schedule with all the writing stuff, so can get some sleep, maybe some interesting thoughts and hopefully some beautiful scenery. Anything half as beautiful as the late-winter landscape of Sicily would already be great.

Then: part II of the ‘To be or not to be’ series. This time: Journalist. If I count on the reactions of newspapers and news websites, I can say I am a very shitty journalist. I can`t figure out why, but none of the traditional media seem to have any interest in what I`m doing. Looking at English news papers like Daily Mirror or The Sun can turn me desperate at first glance. So much incredible bull shit about nothing. Every day something new about Lady Di – Maybe she is not even dead after all, woohoo – and about the social profile of the McCann family. About Tony Blair becoming the first EU president which would be a straightforward shame, no matter how hard he tried congratulating Nicolas Sarkozy in French when the latter won the French elections.

With the exception of the Commissioner of Communication and some friendly EU-people I met earlier on my trip, the EU itself is not proving to be of much help either. Quoting from The Magazine, the EU paper about 2008 being Europe`s big culture conversation ( you may skip this paragraph if you have the gut feeling that this will be a very boring piece of text):

The EYID will focus on a number of actions:
() An EU-wide information and promotion campaign which will be tailored to national and regional needs;
() An EYID website to bring together all those involved in intercultural dialogue and to share tools and resources;
() A study of national approaches and practices on intercultural dialogue and a study for the evaluation and monitoring of the impact of the EYIB;
() Bla bla bla (tired of quoting entire sentences) flagship actions, blablablaba non-financial support in the form of authorization of use of the logo blablabla initiatives that can contribute significantly towards achieving the objectives of the year blablabla conference on cultural diversity as an entrepreneurial resource called `Gain from cultural diversity` organised in cooperation with the Bertelsman Foundation then `In order to maximize the success of the EYID, the commission is tapping into the knowledge and expertise of CIVIL SOCIETY and other stakeholders across Europe for BRIGHT IDEAS


But no: this quote is a reply on one of my messages: Dear Sir your project is interesting but it is not possible to insert it in our official Europa web site as only projects selected within our programmes have this possibility.

So putting my reasoning together, I choose not to consider myself a journalist because I would be a damn frustrated one if I was.

However, while saying all this, let me add that I do owe many thanks to everybody who is paying regular visits to my website(s). Friends, family and an increasing number of complete strangers who congratulate me or even invite me for passing by when I get to their country. Or simply recognise reality in what I write, which to me is the greatest compliment there is.

(© Patras - GR, February 2008)
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Spring on the way

Posted 22 February 2008 - Patras (GR):

I`m still in Patras and life is alright here. The atmosphere is slowly warming up, which makes work a bit easier. I am also happy about the days being so much longer again. December and January were quite difficult for taking portrait photos. On clouded days, there would only be sufficient light between 11 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. I now have two more hours on each side, which makes everything a little easier.

I am staying in the university campus, in the flat of Argelos from Couch Surfing. He is not around himself, so I am staying on my own in somebody else`s room. It`s nice to get so much confidence, even though it would also be nice to actually meet the person who is hosting me. Anyway, I have been given lots of small presents over the last few days: meals, bus tickets and today a chocolate bar. It`s not that I haven`t shaved or refrained from washing my clothes, it just seems to happen. Friendly people in the South :)

(© Patras - GR, February 2008)
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New country

Posted 19 February 2008 - Patras (GR):

I arrived in Greece today!

(© Patras - GR, February 2008)
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