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PhotoLogiX on-line presence

Posted 2 December 2008 - The Hague (NL):

Good news about the web presence of PhotoLogiX and related initiatives: they are starting to get more and more online visibility.

One of the websites that has started using PhotoLogiX material to enrich their articles is Europa-Nu, a Dutch web portal about European affairs.

Within not too long from now, they will also start publishing a series of articles about each of the EU member states. The articles are different from the ones I posted at the Us Europeans website. For a start, I wrote them in Dutch. They are organised by country and regroup the most interesting daily-life-facts of each of the countries. They will be cross-searchable by subject as well as by country and the information will be recycled by a number of related websites. Most of the photo material is branded PhotoLogiX, too.

And here`s some stats for those who find them interesting: PhotoLogiX as a search term now produces almost 4,000 entries in Google, only a handful of which refer to something that is not mine. Unique daily visits in 2008 will exceed 200,000 before the end of the year (PhotoLogiX, DailyPhoto and UsEuropeans combined). Annual hits will exceed 1,000,000.

But that`s just figures. There`s work to be done in the real world. Print stuff, exhibited stuff. Lots of work left to do!

(© The Hague - NL, December 2008)
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Berlin ahead

Posted 3 December 2008 - The Hague (NL):

Another visit to Berlin ahead!

From 1 until 4 January, I will be in Berlin with Sanne and my cousin Robin (with whom I also went to Paris 2.5 years ago: archive photo). Curious to see in which ways Berlin has changed since my last visit(s) in July of this year. For sure, there will be little traces of the Palast der Republik. Its demolition was completed a couple of weeks ago (see archive photo from March 2006).

(© Berlin - DE, February 2006)
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Living near the beach

Posted 4 December 2008 - The Hague (NL):

One of the best things about living in The Hague is to always have the beach nearby.

Which looks different at every moment of every day. Here`s an impression of what it looked like around 11 o`clock this morning:

(© The Hague - NL, December 2008)
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NL excursion

Posted 5 December 2008 - The Hague (NL):

Weather forecasts for today were not extremely good, but good enough to go for a small excursion.

First to Amstelveen to meet up with a graphic designer to talk about the Us Europeans exhibition and absorb some advice, then to the province of Flevoland to take some photos of straight roads and square fields.

This photo shows the entrance/exit of the Schipholtunnel which runs underneath one of the runways of the airport (09/27 to be precise), as well as a taxiway to two other runways.

(© Schiphol - NL, December 2008)
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Dutch scenery

Posted 6 December 2008 - The Hague (NL):

Typically Dutch: farmlands limited by motorways...

(© Muiden - NL, December 2008)
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Getting stuff printed

Posted 7 December 2008 - The Hague (NL):

I can`t think of any reasons why I only now find out that I have so far printed very few of the photos I took during the Us Europeans project.

Which serves as a good reason to browse through the rich archives and prepare some stuff to show. What`s the sense of taking photographs if no-body ever gets to see them in any size bigger than 400x268px?..

This photo shows my mum who paid me a visit during one week in May, earlier this year. She arrived in Vienna and travelled along to Linz, Ceske Budejovice and Prague. The photo datums back to the last day of her visit. We are waiting for the bus to take us from New-Zealander Hamish`s place back into town, and from there to the airport.

(© Prague - CZ, May 2008)
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On the road..

Posted 15 December 2008 - The Hague (NL):

Another postingless week has gone by, which has not gone unnoticed by many of the Daily Photo readers.

So: what`s the excuse? It`s been busy again with lots of stuff to organise. I sorted out the design for the New Year`s postcards, joined them with photos I already intended to send out to lots of people. I also made progress on the Us Europeans photo exhibition that will take place in May of next year. There`s been work to do at another New Venture meeting which I attended for Funds for Fun, then another interesting yet so far non-disclosable meeting with an interesting internet company last Friday.

This week also promises to be packed with activities. Tomorrow, I will travel to Brussels to meet up with friends at The New Federalist and, two websites who supported the Us Europeans project by publishing my articles. On Tuesday evening, I will replace my Indigo-colleague Joeri as a panel member on a debate about European media. For those interested: more info. On Thursday, I will take myself to London for another meeting. Wednesday and Friday will serve as photo expo days. That`s about the planning for the week.

Today is an exciting day. At the moment of typing this message, I am on the way back home from Breda after meeting up with grapic designer Rob van Hoesel, on whose book Transitland I already dedicated a post some time earlier. I am now also a proud owner of that book, which is compiled of roughly 200 photographs of Belgian motorways. To celebrate this, here`s one of my own photos showing a Dutch motorway. I took it earlier this month on my way to Amstelveen and Flevoland:

(© A4 - NL, December 2008)
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Europe stuff

Posted 16 December 2008 - Utrecht (NL):

The Hague Brussels Utrecht The Hague..

I was on a quick return trip to Brussels today quickly saying hello to Peter from JEF Europe then attending a meeting organised by European news website Euractiv. Back in 2007, they started a blogger platform and as such, they have been syndicating Us Europeans posts throughout most of my project. It was very funny to meet so many people whom I had never met, yet all knew me because of the project. We shared lunch, exchanged some ideas, I told them about the exhibition planned for May 2009 and then left for Utrecht for the evening schedule.

This is the train that took me back to The Netherlands.

(© Mechelen - BE, December 2008)
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Busy week

Posted 20 December 2008 - The Hague (NL):

Another interesting week has gone by. I spent most of it outside The Hague, visiting Breda, Brussels, Utrecht, London in the last five days.

After my last post, I got to Utrecht to do my first ever bit of public speaking. Topic: how to create a platform for crossborder European media? The debate went fine, apart from the few times I just absolutely forgot what I was just about to say. Nothing to be bothered about, I do the same at non-public occasions.

My quick return trip to London also proved very interesting, thanks to an interesting work meeting that I cannot elaborate on at this very moment. To be continued...

Below photo is another nice example of a photo that seems to show no people, even though they are clearly present:

(© London - UK, December 2008 )
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Shortest day

Posted 22 December 2008 - The Hague (NL):

Another photo from last week`s trip to London.

I`m happy the shortest day of the year has passed and winter started. Busy weeks ahead, regardless of Christmas. Working on text and photos - the good stuff.

(© London - UK, December 2008)
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Exhibitions and more

Posted 23 December 2008 - Rotterdam (NL):

News from Brussels (photo): Eurocommissioner Margot Wallström allowed me some space on her blog after I spoke to her last November in Paris.

Things are moving in the right direction for the Us Europeans photo exhibition, and this guest entry is another push in the right direction. I am a bit disappointed in the reactions so far. If these people only knew how much effort it took to plan and execute this project - and how much I relied on many, many people to host me, talk to me, encourage me to keep going. I obviously created myself a luxurious position just being able to spend one year without earning ANY money throughout one entire year.

Less cynic people might think of it as courageous instead pampered. But anyway, who am I to tell them. I did what I thought was the right thing to do, and I still see it that way. Here`s the post to Ms Wallström`s blog:

Change of subject: this morning, I went to see the exhibition of a publicist I recently met. Mr Will Tinnemans, together with photographer Jan Banning, compiled the series Bureaucratics, which shows portraits of civil servants from different countries, all photographed in their offices. I found it very interesting to `read` all those intercultural differences from the photograph, to have a quick impression of their professional habitat. The exhibition Bureaucratics runs until 11 January and is well worth seeing.

Last topic: My pack of New Year`s photo cards will arrive today and I can`t wait to send them all out :) If you-reader suspect that you are not on my list and would still like to receive one, please let me know your address by submitting a comment to this post.

(© Brussels - BE, December 2008)
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Winter in Amsterdam

Posted 30 December 2008 - The Hague (NL):

Last post of the year 2008:

A photo from Amsterdam, taken earlier today. Winter weather has arrived in The Netherlands and so has the skating fever. I hope it will last until after next weekend, when I`ll be back from Berlin. Leaving to there on Thursday morning.

(© Amsterdam - NL, December 2008)
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