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Posted 13 May 2008 - Linz (AT):

Hello from the Czech Republic, where the weather is HOT! Just like it has been ever since I left Padova in Italy, now two weeks ago. Everything is running smoothly. It was exciting to have my brother travel along with me for a week and share a part of my traveling experience with him. It made me realise once again that the way I travel is quite different from anything that could potentially be similar to it: staying over at people`s places, meeting new people, going to parties without knowing anybody, almost but not entirely missing trains, walking around without feeling like a tourist, taking it easy in order to deal with the ever-changing environment and eating pasta with cabbage and Sauerkraut salad. Apart from that, it was good fun to travel with somebody who has a similar sense of humour and moreover speaks the same language.

This week, it`s my mother`s turn, which is another different experience. It shows that living on 30 euros a day actually requires an effort and leaves for zero extras when not doing any Couchsurfing. It also helps me see things with new eyes again, re-finding out that there is excitement in the simple fact of getting to a new place. Much of that has gone by now. I notice pretty buildings, but care so much more about the people I meet, the landscape and the food, that I forget to look at the buildings and the sites.

What else is new? My article about corruption in Bulgaria should be published in the Perron E magazine sometime now. Visitor numbers to Us Europeans are up: reaching over 700 a day now. And the ambition of compiling a book with European crossroads is still there, as this photo from Linz shows.

( Linz - AT, May 2008)
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Cucumbers & Holidays 5: 2--1

Posted 1 July 2006 - The Hague (NL):

Back to the summer of Y2K+1!

Uni: Done with that. Wrote some interesting reports, which instantly ended my life as a student.

Sports: Only tennis and running, because my bike was no longer good enough for decent cycling.

Work: Combi Focus, followed by the European Office of the State of Maryland. Interesting learning experience.Also: washing caravans in France.

Holidays: Wanted to make sure that I could enjoy my last long holidays in style, and only started my new job in August so I could excape fot another month. Went hiking with Ajay and Sander and I think I've never been as scared as the first two days of our trip. I was thinking of some happy walking in the mountains, but this included steep snowy slopes and 4-limb climbing. After hiking, went on my first Central European trip: Vienna (boring), Budapest (interesting), Krakow (nice kebab), Prague (much different from Western European cities) and Copenhague. Met lots of nice people on the way.

Photography: Mostly colour and mostly monuments and sights.

( Zillertaler Alps - AT, July 2001)
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Posted 14 March 2006 - The Hague (NL):

Hero or war criminal? Slobodan Milosevic is no longer attending this discussion but it's still incredible how one single person can be seen in two almost opposite ways. Show somebody who doesn't know anything about the Second World War the film "Der Untergang" and he or she will likely to feel at least a little bit sympathy for the main character. At least - more than for his followers.

( Salzburg - AT, May 2002)
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