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Na Dato Exhibition

Posted 2 August 2005 - The Hague (NL):

Rome ahead! I've never been to Rome before and I probably wouldn't have booked a ticket if I didn't get a special photo request! The trip is planned for the end of October, so there is some time left for preparations.

As you may have noticed, I slightly changed the lay-out of the Series section. Thumbnails have been added to facilitate navigation between images. I also added new photos in the Na Dato series: Harmelen, Uithoorn, Wilnis, Volendam. Still on my TO-DO list: Leeuwarden (murder of Meindert Tjoelker), Breda (chain collision) and Amsterdam (hotel fire). I am working to get the complete version of Na Dato exhibited at the recently opened Segbroek Library in The Hague.

What else is new? Let me recommend the new series Postcard views and Shadow of Light. I also added photos of Parkpop but these will only remain on-line for a short period of time.

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Rainy Netherlands

Posted 9 August 2005, The Hague (NL):

Dutch summer has been wet and cold so far, with only a few positive exceptions. Last year, August started off pretty sunny. I just had a look at my TraveLogiX diary which I initiated exactly one year ago. I still like the idea of taking photos every hour, but abandoned it in December 2004 because I got a bit fed up with all the hassle.

Last weekend, I went on a train/bus trip to Amsterdam, Den Oever and Leeuwarden, to make new photos for the Na Dato series. This morning, I made a small excursion in my own city, The Hague, to add another one. This upcoming weekend, I plan to drive to Breda and Eindhoven for some more Na Dato material.

What else is new? I added a new series, called friends. Surprisingly, all the people in the portraits are my friends. Some friends are missing, but they will be added shortly.

Travelling ahead: End of August, somewhere by car; first week of September: Cape Town (SA) for work; last week of October: Rome for a photo shoot.

( Nieuw Vennep - NL, August 2005)
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Back in Business

Posted 16 August 2005 - The Hague (NL):

Two of my friends are 'back in business'. Jean came back from a one-month holiday in Italy, while Bas paid his first visit to the King Square Villa since mid-May.

I spent the last two weekends collecting more photos for the Na Dato series. I needed special permission for some locations, but managed to get it. Consisting of 20 images, Na Dato reaches its completion and I'm now investigating ways to get it published. Apart from this, a new exhibition is on the way and will be organised with two fellow photographers at Focus Expo (The Hague).

I'm preparing two other new series, one composed of existing photographs, the other one is still in the reflection stage.

Upcoming trips: Cape Town (September), Rome :) (October), Dubai (December), Honolulu (January).

( The Hague - NL, August 2005)
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New Camera

Posted 20 August 2005 - The Hague (NL):

This will soon be my new camera! I won't throw away my old ones. I plan to keep using those for the type of photographs I take today. However, for commercial purposes, it's better to be equipped in digital as well. It speeds up the process of taking pictures and getting them published, and will also require a brand new approach to photography. I'm curious to find out what it's going to bring!

This coming week is the last week of work before a week of holidays: finally some time off. I think that I will not spend much time taking photos because I really need to relax a little. There are some big business trips on the way, as well as a first official 'photo trip' to Rome in October.

Also ahead: photos exhibited at Focus Expo in September, and (to be confirmed) an exhibition of the Na Dato series in February 2006, in the newly opened public library 'Segbroek' in The Hague.

( Fuji)
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Visual Misinterpretation

Posted 26 August 2005 - The Hague (NL):

This photo of a Boeing 747 Cargo landing at Schiphol Polderbaan (Runway 18R) is far from special when it comes to beauty and aesthetics. Nevertheless, it unveils an interesting visual phenomenon. You see a plane flying lower than the top of the lightposts. You see that there is liquid covering the road further ahead. But the plane safely lands on the runway without hitting the light posts and the road is perfectly dry. Photos like this one show how much dynamic there is in perception. It's just another example of how much you need to think about what you see before actually believing it.

So what else is new.. Tomorrow is holiday! One week with Maaike in the Auvergne region in France. I really need some relaxation and exercise because the last three months have been quite stressful.

Right after the holidays, I'm leaving for Cape Town to visit a telecom conference. I have been thinking of some new photo projects, mostly in portrait photography. But I'll use my holidays to dedicate some more thoughts to it and then write more..

( Schiphol - NL, August 2005)
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