alle lichtjes helpen

Every little light helps

Just like any other day, the shortest day of the year presents a good moment to experience something special through a straightforward and small, intentional act.

Every little light helps is our invitation to you to light a tealight (or candle) around four o`clock in the afternoon on the 21st of December. Then to go outside, carefully taking the tealight with you. Find a place nearby to stand or take a seat quietly and safely.

We invite you to experience whatever comes: to be with your thoughts, to meet people who approach you or not. Observe what happens when you stay in the same place for a while and what effect the light and the candle`s warmth have on you. Your attentive presence might move you to take action, or it may calm you down. Know that, in essence, there`s nothing else that you need to do at this moment, and what you are doing is enough. Take a look at yourself and the world from this perspective, and experience what there is.

Our invitation is to help you experience this and see things from a positive perspective. We hope you have a good experience.

The downloadable invitation for Every little light helps is a list of instructions. It`s important to emphasise that these instructions are not obligatory! You can participate as you wish, using what serves you, just as you might do with a recipe for apple pie.

Who is inviting you?

Every little light helps is an idea of artist Bruno van den Elshout, which grew further with developmental psychologist Eefje Cobussen and professional pioneer Saskia Op de Weegh. Illustrator Idris van Heffen drew the illustration, graphic designer Eyal Holtzman contributed to design, and web builder Coen Cuijpers took care of things so that you can visit this page. The English translation is a present from Helen Hartmann.