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About Us Europeans

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Welcome to my new PhotoLogiX project! Fascinated by differences between European cultures and languages, I have grown curious to understand `what the European Union is actually about`. Not so much in reference to the political structure of it: I much rather want to find out what daily life is like for young people living in the EU. What is on their minds, what they expect of Europe, and how they spend their time, in short: who they are and how different they all really are.

Bruno (27):

Focusing on Us Europeans
In order to find all this out, I am travelling all 27 countries of the European Union to interview people and write about my observations. I will use this website to post these reports and they will contain images as well as text.

I will cross the European Union in a way that may seem a bit chaotic, but does make perfect sense when taking airfares and local climates into consideration.

Please feel free to consult this website to:

* Check my intended itinerary;

* Read my personal experiences on Daily Photo.NL;

* Know why and how I`m doing this;

* View my CV. You may also contact me via info(a) or by phone +31 for NL, 6 146 330 72 or find me on Facebook.

Thanks for your visit, I hope you will enjoy it!

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