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Hello from Malta

Sliema, MT (View on map)
Posted 8 Feb 2008:

Welcome to Malta, country number 16 on my list. Malta is the smallest member of the European Union and only has 400,000 inhabitants. Seven islands, three of which are inhabited, together make up the country. Malta is located South West of Sicily and mainland Africa. Capital city is Valetta which is a part of the main agglomeration on the North Eastern side of the biggest island. Like I did in all of the countries I visited so far, I start off with a fairly simple question: What`s Malta about?... Read more

Maltese weekends

Sliema, MT (View on map)
Posted 9 Feb 2008:

It`s weekend in Malta! Summer has not yet arrived, but the terraces along Sliema`s main streets are animated with people. The weather is windy but sunny. Tourists try to take photos of the violent waves that throw themselves onto the shore. Some get caught in showers that splash against the rocks below the boulevard. A handful of locals, all earphone-equipped, are jogging or walking along the seafront as if nothing is happening. And then there`s me, trying to find out how Maltese people like to spend their weekends.... Read more

Elections ahead

Valletta, MT (View on map)
Posted 10 Feb 2008:

All of the people I have been speaking to in Malta so far have been telling me about how the Maltese lifestyle closely resembles the Italian one. Italian fashion, Italian food, Italian corruption and many people speak Italian as a second or third language. Italy is also one of the most likely holiday destinations for Maltese traveling abroad. But some things are just different between Malta and Italy.... Read more

Going to school

Valletta, MT (View on map)
Posted 11 Feb 2008:

Just like Ireland, Malta is a popular destination for young people who want to study English. A pleasant climate, lots of beaches and a busy night life ? they all contribute to the attraction Malta has on language students from across Europe. The Maltese themselves start learning English as soon as they start going to primary school. State schools offer it as a subject, while English is even the main language of education in private schools. Compared to continental European education, the Maltese system has some interesting features. Keep reading to know more:... Read more

Island rivalry

Victoria, MT (View on map)
Posted 12 Feb 2008:

The island of Malta measures less than 30 kilometres from one end to the other and the sea is never further than 7 kilometres away. If you think that is small, have a look at the map again. Malta`s neighbours Comino and Gozo, also part of the Republic of Malta are even smaller! Comino has has no permanent inhabitance, but Gozo does. 31,000 People, none of whom consider themselves Maltese. They are Gozitans, and proud of it.... Read more

Moral values

Sliema, MT (View on map)
Posted 13 Feb 2008:

Most of the countries I have visited so far are seeing church attendance figures decline. So is Malta, but religion keeps playing an important role in Maltese society. Malta has got one church for every square kilometer of its surface. It also has more religious holidays than state holidays. Abortion is illegal, divorce is impossible and it`s not advisable to make fun of religious leaders. How do the Maltese feel about the way their freedom of choice is limited by religious dogmas?... Read more

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